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“Best tour ever. . . made our Honeymoon extra special”
5 STARS on TripAdvisor
“The tour with David was beyond our expectations. We truly had a wonderful day with him. It all started weeks before our tour with David emailing us to get to know us and to see what we wanted out of the tour.
We exchanged a few emails as he prepared us for the tour and what the weather was going to be like. Also, he asked us about our camera and our experience in using it so he could help us. All his attention to detail in getting us ready was greatly appreciated. As we arrived in Sedona, he contacted us and because it was going to rain the day of our tour, he changed our tour for us to a day earlier and it was a beautiful day. He picked us up at our resort where he sat us down and went over a short lesson in photography along with showing us how to use the camera better.
We than set out on our hiking tours around Sedona, David really help us capture beautiful shots and showed us how to improve the shots as we went. He was a great teacher and we learned so much. The skills we learned, we will continue to use for a lifetime. Besides the teaching being very professional, he has a great humorous side to him, we really enjoyed all the time we spent with him just talking as we drove to different locations and lunch with him. He provided a wonderful picnic lunch for us as well.
Thank you, David, for a great day . . . Taking this tour is a must if you are going to Sedona. We are already looking forward to taking another tour with David.”
KWerner27; Louisville, Kentucky

“Awesome Photography Adventure”
5 STARS on TripAdvisor
“David was very professional, punctual, and organized. He made sure that we were well-informed of what to expect on our trip. He was very informative and personable by insuring that we were comfortable and expectations of the trip was met throughout this fun adventure.
I was impressed with the detailed information and history that David provided along the way as well as while in Sedona which kept things very interesting.
He was well-educated and knowledgable about photography in teaching us many things beyond what we thought we already knew. This experience has encouraged me to return to my passion for photography.

There was no rush, and no time wasted. I’m very pleased with the great images that I took which I will display and cherish. I highly recommend this tour to anyone.”
NicolaVC; Phoenix, Arizona

5 STARS on TripAdvisor
“David is very clear on expectations and preparation but is also willing to change gears to meet individual needs. He is very personable and fun to spend time with. As an experienced photographer, I was looking for a guide to take me to interesting spots and he did that. He is knowledgeable about technical aspects of photography and readily offered advice. While he met my personal needs which were more along the lines of finding hidden spots, he would be really helpful to photographers who are beginners or want/need technical advice. He Inspired my sister-in-law to get more into photography which was awesome”.

Susan G; Delta, British Columbia

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Sedona Photography Workshop

The Sedona Photography Workshop

How to take more beautiful, more interesting, more creative, and more original photographs than ever before

The best of a photography tour, and the best of a photography class

What should I expect?
The Sedona Photography Workshop is our very most popular. It is a reasonable length tour with three great stops, and includes some really amazing photo opportunities. The walking is the way we like our salsa; almost entirely easy, and the pace is mild.

In Sedona, we have a meeting location where you can park safely and we provide all transportation for our 3 stops in the Workshop. For those choosing our transportation option from Phoenix, we have a convenient meeting area close to the intersection of the 101-Loop and I-17 where we provide transportation from and to Phoenix, and for the entire Workshop.

The Sedona Field Trip starts from our Sedona Parking/Meet-up Spot at different times, based on the time of sunrise. Each guest is informed of this time by email after they book the tour. The time is usually somewhere around approximately 5:00 AM, and returns to that Parking/Meeting spot at approximately 1:30 PM or so. The transportation from Phoenix option starts about 2 hours earlier and ends about 2 hours later. Again, the exact times will be emailed after the transportation from/to Phoenix is booked. Our Sedona Photography Workshop Information Booklet will be emailed to you after you book your workshop, and contains all the necessary meeting place information and a whole lot more.

We will provide you with a morning snack and juice, bottled water, lunch and beverage, and an afternoon snack, as needed.
Required: A Camera. To get maximum value from the tour, we would recommend a Digital SLR camera, which we have available to rent.
Recommended: We would also recommend a good zoom lens, and a tripod (we have a limited number of loaner tripods available). You will not need a flash, but you REALLY should bring extra camera batteries and whatever kind of memory cards your camera takes.
Best: For the best pictures possible, the full list of recommended things to bring will be on your Sedona Photography Workshop Information Booklet which we will send you soon after you book your trip. You can download a WEBSITE EDITION of this booklet below.

Once you book your workshop, and complete an online questionnaire, we will email you your Sedona Photography Workshop Information Booklet which outlines what specifics you need to know about your particular workshop, more of what to expect, specifics on meeting locations, and what you need to bring. This tour involves some easy hiking. Bring good-sturdy footwear, and be prepared to carry with you all the equipment you may need and a proper supply of water while walking or hiking. We use Camelbacks which carry our water supply and some equipment. As with any tour of this nature, please be sure you are prepared physically for the requirements of your particular workshop before committing. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Your Sedona Journey In Common Photography Workshop Information Booklet will also introduce you to your Coach/Guide. Once on-site, we will assist each participant in seeing photo opportunities, composition, and in setting your camera controls in such a way as to best capture quality photographs. Our efforts are to assist you to become comfortable enough in finding these photo opps and shooting them that you will ultimately feel more confident wherever you may be.

Sedona Photography Workshop

  • At the bottom of this webpage is a link to download the Sedona Photography Workshop Information Booklet WEBSITE EDITION
  • Below are some images from a recent Workshop:

Winner of January 2017 Best Photo of the Month award:  Jenna Orahuel
Photograph: (Click to enlarge)

January 2017 Winner Jenna Orahuel

January 2017 Winner Jenna Orahuel

Previous Winners of Best Photo of the Month award:



Click this link to access the Sedona Photography Workshop Information Booklet – WEBSITE EDITION. Your browser should then offer you a way to download it onto your device. Then look for the file in your downloads.



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