Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion, Tue-Thu, June 6-8, 2017 and Tue-Thu, Oct 10-12, 2017

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Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion

When is this excursion?

The Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion is Tue-Thu, June 6-8, 2017 and Tue-Thu, Oct 10-12, 2017 – three days. In May the excursion starts in Sequim, WA at 4:00 AM each day, and ends in Sequim, WA by around 10:00 PM each day; with an extended break each early afternoon. In October the excursion starts in Sequim, WA at 5:30 AM each day, and ends in Sequim, WA by around 8:00 PM each day; with a break each early afternoon. You MUST make your travel plans and proper arrangements so you can be in Sequim, WA at the meeting/parking spot promptly by the start time both dates. You MUST BOOK and PAY FOR this excursion a MINIMUM of 25 days in advance.


The Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion requires a minimum of three (3) participants to be scheduled, and will not schedule more than six (6). If you are interested in this tour with a different number of people involved, either less or more than 3-6, please go to the Custom Tours page and fill out the questionnaire. We would be very happy to accommodate you!

What should I expect?

The Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion is truly breathtaking. You will feel, no matter how long you stay in Olympic Park, that your stay is not long enough. There is just so much here to photograph!. This is a full two-day excursion, and includes some of the most amazing photo opportunities you may ever encounter. The walking is mostly easy-to-medium (except for some off-trail hiking for those wanting certain images), and the pace is mild.

Washington State Excursion Collection (2016)
Washington State Excursion Collection (2016)

In Forks, WA, we have a meeting location where you can park safely and we provide all transportation for our many stops during the excursion. You will be responsible for arranging and paying for all your transportation to Forks, WA, your housing in the Olympic Park area (We can make recommendations if you like), and all non-included meals during the entirety of the excursion.

The Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion departs our Forks, WA Parking/Meeting Spot promptly at 4:30 AM each morning, returns to that Parking/Meeting spot at around noon for a 2-3 hour resting time, and then returns into the park from around 3:00 PM or so until approximately 8:00 PM. The Excursion Information Sheet contains all the exact meeting place information.

In addition to hours and hours of some of the most spectacular photography you may ever capture, your guide will go over one of your photos from this tour with you to make recommendations on techniques and approaches which will yield even more exceptional images. Plus, during the mid-day break on one of your days, your guide will also go over a beginning understanding of how to make your images really pop using Adobe Lightroom. There is tremendous value in every tour!

We will provide you with bottled water and snack bars both days.
Each excursion also includes one dinner per paid participant, and any necessary Park Passes/fees per paid participant.

Required: A Digital SLR Camera. We would also recommend a good zoom lens, and a sturdy tripod. You will not need a flash, but you MUST bring all your battery charging equipment, extra batteries (at least 2; I carry 4 for my camera) and whatever kind of memory cards your camera takes (more than you think you will need. You may well be taking over a thousand images in three days!).
Best: For the best pictures possible, the full list of recommended things to bring will be on your Excursion Information Sheet which we will send you soon after you book your trip.

Once you book the Washington Photographic Wonders Excursion, we will send you an information sheet outlining what specifics you need to know about that particular trip, more of what to expect, specifics on meeting locations, and what you need to bring. This trip involves some easy-medium hiking. Bring SOLID footwear, and be prepared to carry with you all the equipment you may need and a proper supply of water while walking or hiking. We use Camelbacks which carry our water supply and some equipment. The possibility of rain and/or dense fog during this excursion is very real. Rainfall and fog in this part of the country is frequent, and sometimes heavy. That is what makes this area so lush. BE PREPARED for hiking in such wet conditions with suitable rain ware which will protect you and your equipment during this excursion, and pay attention to the weather forecasts as your excursion dates approach. Umbrellas do not work in this environment. As with any trip of this nature, please be sure you are prepared physically for the requirements of your particular trip before committing and for seasonal weather.

David Westfall is usually your guide, sometimes assisted by his son Dallas. Once on-site, we will assist each participant in seeing photo opportunities, and in setting your camera in such a way as to best capture quality photographs. Our efforts are to assist you to become comfortable enough in finding these photo opps and shooting them that you will ultimately feel confident wherever you may be.

Below are some images from a recent Washington Excursion:





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