Nighttime City Photography Workshop/Class

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How to take more beautiful, more interesting, more creative, and more original photographs than ever before – in hours!

Nighttime City Photography Collection (2015)


What is the ‘Nighttime City Photography Workshop/Class’?

If you would like to learn how to take amazing night photographs of urban life and architecture, or learn to take them even better than before, then this is the workshop/class for you. We will be looking at several key photography opportunities and you will be creating exciting nighttime photos with your camera. This workshop is an entirely different approach to taking photographs which enhances the artistic nature of your images, and causes them to be significantly more interesting.

Who should take this workshop?

If you are between a beginning amateur photographer and mid-level professional photographer, this workshop is for you. If you want to make your images more compelling, more interesting, and more unique, this workshop is for you. This is not just a ‘techniques’ class, it is also a class which will help you develop your ‘eye’ for exquisite photo opportunities, and connect with a deeper creative side than you are probably using now.

Nighttime City Photography Collection (2015)
What are the workshop details?

With class sizes no larger than six participants, the workshop begins at Tempe Town Lake. If we have time and the interest is there, we will then visit another location, like downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the Sports center of Phoenix. The workshop is instructed by David Westfall, and may be assisted by his son, Dallas. Your guide will be spending individual time with each participant, helping each one develop new approaches to their photography subjects

Schedule of Workshop Times and Locations

The Nighttime City Photography Workshop/Class is held every Monday night


Thank you again for joining us in this adventure!  We really look forward to hearing from you.


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