Pinetop 6-hour Antique Auto Workshop

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Pinetop Antique Auto Workshop

The Pinetop Antique Auto Photography Workshop

What should I expect?

The Pinetop Antique Auto Photography Workshop is very popular with those who love automobiles, and those who love to photograph them. It is a reasonable length tour where you will have an exceptional collection of premium cars, most classic and vintage and all in pristine condition, in an area known for its fresh air and mild climate. The walking is flat and easy, and the pace is definitely mild.

In Show Low, which is just a few miles away from Pinetop, we have a meeting location where you can park safely and we provide the transportation to the cars and then back to your vehicle at the end. For those choosing our inexpensive transportation option from Phoenix or Payson, we have convenient meeting areas for your convenience.

All the information you could need about what you need to bring and how you need to prepare, plus a weather report about a week before the workshop, will be emailed to you for your convenience.

We will provide you with a morning snack and juice, bottled water, and an afternoon snack. There are several caterers on-site to meet your lunch needs

Required: A Camera. You can get value from this workshop with just a Point-And-Shoot camera, or even a GoPro® or a cell phone with a quality camera installed. But to get maximum value from the workshop, we would recommend a Digital SLR camera.
Recommended: We would also recommend a good zoom lens. You will not need a flash, but you REALLY should bring extra camera batteries and whatever kind of memory cards your camera takes.
Best: For the best pictures possible, the full list of recommended things to bring will be on your Pinetop Antique Auto Photography Workshop Information Booklet which we will send you soon after you book your trip.

Once you book the workshop, and complete an online questionnaire which we will email you the link to, we will email you your Pinetop Antique Auto Photography Workshop Information Booklet which outlining what specifics you need to know about your particular workshop, more of what to expect, specifics on meeting locations, and what you need to bring. This workshop involves just level walking on grass. Bring comfortable and supportive footwear, and be prepared to carry with you all the equipment you may need and a proper supply of water during the workshop.

Your Sedona Journey In Common Photography Workshop Information Booklet will also introduce you to your Coach/Guide. Once on-site, we will assist each participant in seeing photo opportunities, composition, and in setting your camera controls in such a way as to best capture quality photographs. Our efforts are to assist you to become comfortable enough in finding these photo opps and shooting them that you will ultimately feel more confident wherever you may be.


Pinetop Antique Auto Workshop

Below are some images from a recent Workshop (click to enlarge):



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