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David WestfallDavid WestfallDavid has had a pretty eventful life.  Married once, father to two daughters and one son (Dallas, featured below), and in a committed relationship (with Judy).  David has been employed with the Los Angeles Times, and has held numerous positions in education.

David got the bug to provide quality photography workshops, along with some very helpful and persuasive conversation from Judy, after having been on some frustrating photography tours himself. David noticed that almost all the tours he had been on over the years were primarily about transporting people to locations where they could take whatever pictures they wanted, and little-if-any about how to best help the client learn how to better find and capture photo opportunities while right in front of them. David felt he could do better! This is how Journey In Common Photography Workshops began.



Judy has been married once, has three children, and loves them with a passion anyone could learn from.  She works as an HR Generalist for a commercial construction firm, and serves in numerous roles within that organization. Judy is an invaluable resource in helping this photography workshop company be the best we can be for our clients on every outing. She sees many needed details that others would probably miss.



Dallas WestfallDallas is 16 years old (2017).  He is completely in love (possessed?) with technology and devices. Dallas has a passion for great photography, and an exceptional ‘eye‘ for amazing photographs in nature which almost everyone else would walk by. He has had a show of his photographic work, and we could not be more proud. Dallas is an exceptional resource and help on those tours we can fit into his busy schedule.









Journey In Common Photography Workshops is dedicated to giving each of our clients the best photographic experience possible! From the moment you become interested in one of our Workshops to well after your tour is over, we work hard to make every element of your experience one which you will really appreciate and one which you will want to tell your friends and family about.

We hope this helps you understand us a bit more, and enjoy our content on this site better.

Thank you again for joining us in this journey!  We really look forward to hearing from you.

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