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Journey In Common Photography WorkshopsOregon Coastline Collection (2015) regularly conducts Custom Tours. A Custom Tour is any tour which does not quite fit the parameters of one of the organized workshops on this website. If you are looking for a tour which varies from the workshops detailed in this site in any of the ways below, then you are looking for a Custom Tour.

  • Different dates (like, “Can we do this on a Monday-Wednesday?”)
  • Different hours (like, “I don’t get up early; how about start at noon?” or “Can we just do night photography?”)
  • Different season (like, “I want to go in the depth of winter”)
  • Different location (like, “Ireland!”)
  • Only certain types of photos (like, “Only waterfalls”)
  • Different number of participants (like, “I want to do this by myself” or “This is a family thing; can you handle 15 people?”)
  • Different fitness level requirements (like, “Only wheelchair accessible”)
  • Different likelihood of certain weather (like, “No rain” or “Full snow”)
  • Different level of comfort desired (like, “Full luxury” or “Most cost-effective”)

Canyon XCustom Tours are no less welcome to us than our regular Workshops!  We welcome the opportunity and challenge to create a perfect package just for you and your party.

Cost issues really depend on the variables you choose.  Obviously a tour in Ireland will be pricier than one in Pittsburg (VERY photogenic town!), and selecting deluxe options will out price the most cost-effective options.  Time of day, day(s) of week, time of year, these all impact cost.  What equipment one environment requires as opposed to a different environment, etc.  But our goal is to make it as right-priced and as special as possible, that is always our goal.

Based on the complexity of the request,Taliesin West and the level of involvement you want in the process, we will be working with you at each step, and you will be able to watch it all form together.  But remember, it is the actual tour where all the excitement is!

So what we need from you is to fill out the form below as detailed and completely as possible.  We will be in touch very quickly, so you know we are on it.  Based on the complexity and timeline of the tour, we will have something for you as quickly as possible.  So, fill out the form below, click the [Submit] button, and let’s put together an experience!

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Custom Tour Inquiry
Thank you for your time filling out this form. Once you click [Submit], we will process your request and get back to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate this opportunity to serve you!


Thank you again for joining us in this journey!  We really look forward to hearing from you.


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