how you choose to order the elements of your image


I believe COMPOSITION is all science.   That’s it, nothing but science.   Not all those who teach photography agree with me; but that doesn’t change the reality of it.

Humans can scientifically be proven to react specific ways to specific stimuli.   It’s all science.   So the Rule of Thirds is just a way to order one’s image so that it will be reacted to by the viewer in a pleasant and appealing way.

An example:   Centering something in one’s image usually does not lead to nearly as appealing a photograph as one where the object is not centered; UNLESS everything in the image is centered perfectly.   Why this distinction?   Because human brains want centered things perfect.   These very same brains have no such requirements for perfection when things are NOT centered.   It’s all science (Did I mention that already?).

So let’s look at a number of elements which contribute to good composition in a photograph:


  • Rule of ThirdsRuleOfThirds





  • Leading Lines
    Leading Lines



  • Bright Spots
    Bright Spot



  • Flow of Elements

Flow Of Elements