New York State 3-day Photography Workshop

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New York State 3-day Photography Workshop

What is the ‘New York State 3-day Photography Workshop’?
When we think of New York, we here at Journey In Common tend to think of the huge, bustling, and ever awake city with all it’s boroughs and history and notoriety. But there is more than the nation’s largest city to New York, there is the rest of the state! And we have discovered that this is a virtual haven for photo opportunities. And this is where your workshop would take you. New York State is an amazing place for fascinating and truly photo-worthy nature settings. There are more waterfalls than one would believe, and lots of great nature photography to be had. It is a great place for nature photography!

If you would like to hone your photography skills while at the same moment capturing epic images, you will thoroughly enjoy this workshop. We start early enough to catch the beauty of the sunrise light, and are out again for the amazing sunset light, with a nice break in the middle of each day. During the extended lunch break of the first day, your guide will also conduct a class in how to get the best out of your photographs using Lightroom.

What should I expect?

The New York State 3-day Photography Workshop is our newest National Workshop, and is two days long. It is great for those of average physical fitness and strength, but with a passion to get exceptionally beautiful photography. We capture many areas of profound beauty, some of them not commonly seen in photographs.

This workshop is arranged so participants stay at one hotel for two nights, and another for one night. One lunch and one dinner are included. The New York State Workshop Booklet, which is sent to participants once they have booked and completed the necessary paperwork, contains a wealth of information and helpful hints on what to bring, etc.

Each day of the New York State 3-day Photography Workshop starts based on the time of sunrise and travel time to the first location, ends based upon when sunset comes and travel time back to the lodging. There is an expanded lunch break at the lodgings for two of the days, and we will be travelling during midday on one of the days. Napping during these break times, except for when the Lightroom class is being conducted, is encouraged.

We will provide you with a some snacks and bottled water during the Workshop day, one lunch on the first day, and one dinner on the last day.




  • A Digital SLR Camera. Because of the types of opportunities this workshop provides for photography, you need to also have a reasonable knowledge of how to operate your camera in manual mode. Once you book the workshop, we will provide you with links to YouTube videos which will help you get to that reasonable level of skill in manual mode
  • A Tripod strong enough to support your camera with your heaviest lens on it. Again, because of the types of opportunities this workshop provides for photography, you will need to have your camera on a tripod for several important shots.
  • Extra batteries fully charged, and extra memory cards for your camera. One of the worst ‘sinking’ feelings is in the late morning or early afternoon out in the field when your camera warns you that your battery is dead of your memory card is full . . . and you do not have any replacements. Take it from us, it is an awful moment which can totally ruin your day. We know, we have experienced it! Come prepared, you will not regret it.


  • Lenses. We would also recommend a good long zoom lens, a good wide-angle lens, and any other lens you would be willing to pack around with you. There is such a diverse range of photographic opportunity here at New York State, you would not want to miss any of it!
  • Filters. UV Filters, one for each lens you bring, installed. ND filters for your longer lenses. In this environment, I highly recommend you bring adjustable ND filters which screw onto the front of your camera, and commonly have a range between 4-400.
  • Water Shoes
  • Good boots


  • For the best pictures possible, the full list of recommended things to bring will be on your New York State Photography Workshop Information Booklet which we will send you soon after you book your trip.


Once you book your workshop, and complete the online questionnaire, we will email you your New York State Photography Workshop Information Booklet which outlining what specifics you need to know about your particular workshop, more of what to expect, specifics on meeting locations, and what you need to bring. This workshop involves some easy hiking. Bring good-sturdy footwear, and be prepared to carry with you all the equipment you may need and a proper supply of water while walking or hiking. We use Camelbacks which carry our water supply and some equipment. As with any tour of this nature, please be sure you are prepared physically for the requirements of your particular workshop before committing.

David Westfall is usually your Coach/Guide. Once on-site, we will assist each participant in seeing photo opportunities, composition, and in setting your camera controls in such a way as to best capture quality photographs. Our efforts are to assist you to become comfortable enough in finding these photo opps and shooting them that you will ultimately feel more confident wherever you may be.


Schedule of Workshop Times

  • May 22nd, 2018 (5:00 AM) to May 24th, 2018 (10:00 PM) with Lightroom class during lunch on May 22nd
  • July 10th, 2018 (5:00 AM) to July 12th, 2018 (10:00 PM) with Lightroom class during lunch on July 10th

New York State 3-day Photography Workshop



Below are some images from recent Workshops:



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Thank you again for joining us on this journey!  We really look forward to hearing from you.

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