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Washington Collection (2016
Washington Collection (2016)

Journey In Common is a photography tour/education company specializing in creating events with all the benefits of a photography tour and all the benefits of a photography class, and we do this in every event we offer.  We help you learn new and exciting methods in approaching the taking of a photograph, and we do it where you are surrounded with amazing beautiful photography opportunities!  If, for example, you were to have a passion in taking iconic sunset photographs, we would teach you how using methods and approaches which would vastly improve your images, and we would do that while you are taking amazing photographs of iconic sunsets!  We offer a vast number of photography situations in the ‘nature photography’ arena; from forests to water features to sunsets to urban night photography to desert, and on and on.  And we do this in some of the most beautiful locations in the country. It is the ultimate approach to hands-on learning.

Journey In Common was founded by David Westfall, a published photographer with over 35 years of experience and a passion for artistic photography.  We specialize in:

At Journey In Common Photography Tours/Classes we specialize in instructing, encouraging, and demonstrating to each individual participant how to take great photographs in ways which are truly aesthetically pleasing to the image viewer. You will complete your tour/class a significantly better photographer than when you started it. You will take home approaches, skills, techniques, and attitudes which can improve every single photograph you ever take again.

What you get in each tour/class:

  • All tours/classes are held to a MAXIMUM of six (6) participants, to ensure that each person gets all the personal attention they want and need
  • Personal guidance for each participant individually to best identify photo opportunities, get the best composition, and set your camera controls in such a way as to best capture quality photographs
  • Any additional help you feel you want or need throughout the event
  • If you need to, you may rent a Digital SLR from us for a fee. Each rental includes a 16gb SD card to hold your images which you may keep and take home. (Please see options when ordering your tour/class)

Come join us in this journey of photography!



Order Art   –   Tours/Classes   –   Phoenix Workshops/Classes   –   About us


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